By bringing in Real People in Real-time who produce Real Results, The Artists United creates an environment that transforms the classroom dynamic. Our industry veterans provide their time and resources as mentors who seek to cultivate enthusiasm by providing professional development, industry insight, and entrepreneurial ethics to our youth.


THE ILP (Independent Life Plan)

1. Engage youth independently through their "ILPs" (Independent Life Plans)

-Identify their strengths/weaknesses/wants/needs/aspirations

2. Tailoring back information obtained from youth to provide a readily available path to success. (Includes mentors, places, and things to use advantageously.)

3. Youth will delve into their personalized roadmap to a "Nu-Life Experience".

4. Their ILPs will give them the opportunity to develop their esteem and maximize their talents and abilities.

5.  Teaching interdependency; having them learn how to own themselves as a business while identifying individuals who own themselves as a businesses and desire to work harmoniously with others.

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The BIID utilizes science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics to create visual and performing art digital content.

By incorporating:




Creative Writing


We utilize online media to engage the youth through leadership, mentorship and social justice.


Utilizing multiple components of production, I.C.A.R.E. created a curriculum to set a standard for live event productions and artist showcase. Combining the facets of performance, instrumentation, sound engineering, lighting, video production, photography, marketing and promotions, Us And Them creates an environment to enlighten, uplift and inspire all who attend. It provides many opportunities for our community to showcase the knowledge and principles learned from The AU Solutions curriculums. Our events provide inexpensive opportunities for inner city youth and adults, to learn and express themselves through art, bringing about social change.


In the ongoing effort to help educate our community the “AU Solutions” was created. It provides the community with opportunities in an open forum to learn and apply the knowledge acquired from our curriculums. The Friends of Friends provide seasoned veterans in their respected fields to educate and enlighten the community with ongoing topics. Our advisors are masters in their crafts who are willing to mentor and guide our community.

For more information about our programs, feel free to contact us!